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Nov 13, 2013 - Indoor and Outdoor Christmas Celebration in Philadelphia

Winter is around the corner and while your home’s fireplace might be beckoning you, there are many other places and events that you can attend and charter bus Philadelphia visit that can put not just warmth into your body but into your heart as well.

This holiday season is the perfect reason to head over to Blue Cross Riverfront as they are hosting their very first large-scale waterfront winterfest. The event is set to receive more than four hundred people and an eye-popping warming tent, beer garden and an extensive menu from renowned chef George Sabatino. The setting will be at a refurbished shipping containers and we think it is going to be great fun for everyone. So, it is perhaps time to lace up your ice skates during your charter bus Philadelphia tour and get ready to celebrate winter fun with your family and friends at the Olympic-sized man-made ice rink at Penn’s Landing waterfront.

What you can anticipate further would be the breathtaking views over Delaware River and Benjamin Franklin Bridge.

From November 29th right down to January 5th, 2014, when the dust have settled, the skating rink is open everyday from 11am right down to 12.30am. So, you have plenty of time to celebrate with not just your family and friends but with residents and charter bus Philadelphia tourists who will be heading over for a fun time of their own.

Don’t worry if you do not know how to skate because there are skating lessons available every Sunday. The instructors need to be booked ahead of time so, give the rink management a call to find out if they have a time slot for you.

If outdoor is not your thing, we will have you know that Macy Center City is set to light up your life this Christmas and New Year with Macy’s Christmas Light Show and Wanamaker Organ Concert.

Who is going to be there when Santa opens up his goodie bags? The man is going to be with thousands of kids and parents, Santarinas and who can forget the lively reindeers. Macy’s been holding this traditional practice and event for nearly as long as it has been around and the communities around the mall are keen to participate and be a part of the whole charter bus Philadelphia festivity.

The amazing light show featuring more than a hundred thousand LED lights have always been talk of the town. The same can be said by the energy-efficient lights used to make up Macy’s Magic Christmas Tree - it uses approximately thirty four thousand five hundred LED lights.